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Our Impact

In collaboration with our partners, Develop Africa, Build a School in Africa, Backfield in Motion, and Kids Empowered by Your Support, we were fortunate to be able to make an impact in the lives of hundreds of youth who, despite facing adversity, had the determination to continue their education to unlock their true potential.


Aminata C.png

Meet Aminata, who was born in Kamawornie village in Northern Sierra Leone, Bombali District, Sella Limba Chiefdom—a village where many of the children don’t get to go to school because they have to work to support their families. Aminata is twenty-one years old and has four younger siblings. She lives with her uncle in Freetown to attend Fourah Bay College where after finishing her Diploma course in Gender and Development studies, she got admission to pursue her degree. Currently, she is in her third year of college. She is pursuing Gender and Development studies to become a gender advocate and start her own charity organization to help the victims of gender disparity


Salamatu was 13 when she lost her father in 2009. She and two of her siblings lived with her grandmother in the Western part of Freetown, a vulnerable community prone to flooding and other disasters. In 2018, she moved to a foster home after she got pregnant. In April 2021, Develop Africa and donors' mentoring platforms enabled her to attend girls' mentoring sessions on Entrepreneurship. Since then, Salamatu has been earning her living by selling processed ground Benni and ground pepper within her community.  She currently lives with her 3-year-old son in a one-bedroom apartment. She is pursuing a Diploma in Public Sector Management at the IPAM University of Sierra Leone and is grateful to Ubuntu For Humanity for helping her pay for her college this year.

Salamatu B.png
Roseline E.png


Roseline is seventeen and her dream is to become a lawyer to help fight for justice in her society. She and her five siblings have to get up very early just to fetch water from their community tap. Access to clean water supply and sustainable electricity in the community where she and her family live is challenging. She is a first-year student at the University of IMAT Sierra Leone, studying Human Resource Management.


Thanks to Develop Africa and Ubuntu For Humanity's generous donors, Mariama has been able to start her second year at Sierra Leone's College of Theology, pursuing a degree in Peace and Development. In Sierra Leone, college students are often required to pay for the entire semester in advance before they are allowed to take classes. Despite facing numerous obstacles, Mariama has maintained an impressive academic record, showcasing her commitment to her studies and desire to make a meaningful difference in her country.

Mariama 3.png


In collaboration with Develop Africa, Ubuntu For Humanity has been able to raise funds to sponsor students like Alimamy, who excelled in high school and on the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), a required exam for students to attend college, but was initially unable to afford the cost of tuition, which is required in full at the beginning of the semester at universities in Sierra Leone. Thanks to a scholarship, he is now able to pursue a degree in Mass Communication.


Thanks to WeHelpTwo and and Franklin High School’s Socktober Campaign, Ubuntu For Humanity was able to contribute to the education of Serena Nalwoga, a six-year-old girl in Kampala, Uganda, where girls are routinely discriminated against in terms of education and where public classroom sizes number 70 or more. In light of the recent passing of her father, Serena’s family is grateful that she can receive a high-quality education to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor one day.


Diassadian School in Rural Gongasso in Mali

Mali School Children.jpeg

In collaboration with Build a School in Africa, we were able to raise funds to help build a school in Diassidian that would serve more than 200 students who would have otherwise had to walk more than 7 km to school or would have joined the 80% of students in the community who are forced to abandon school before grade 5. With your support, we are building a brighter future for these future leaders!

Kamawornie Nursery School in Sierra Leone

Building Kamawornie School.jpg
Kamawornie School Plaque Develop Africa.jpeg

We were fortunate to be able to contribute to the construction of the Kamawornie Nursery School in Sierra Leone, which will help children gain an invaluable foundation and ensure the successful completion of the rest of their education. In response to Develop Africa's request for further funding, we contributed your donations toward this admirable goal to help construct structural elements and ensure the facility provides a safe learning environment.

Recently, Develop Africa finished the construction of a new classroom named the Ubuntu For Humanity Classroom, which will “serve as a place of education and a symbol of unity, compassion, and the positive change that Ubuntu for Humanity stands for.”

Solar Lights for Students in Rural Communities

In collaboration with Develop Africa, Ubuntu For Humanity donated high-quality solar lights to help students in Sierra Leone study at night in areas without secure access to electricity. This endeavor removes yet another obstacle to obtaining quality education in developing countries and represents a step toward breaking the cycle of poverty.

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